NHL regular season 2017-18

NHL regular season 2017-18 continues with the current state-of-the-art Boston Bruins playing Pittsburgh back-to-back and challenging the Penguins playing Islandman Pekka Rinne Jersey. The final game twists and turns, penguins once 1-3 behind by overtime 6-5 reversal lore brown bears Carter Hutton Jersey, Malkin and Crosby each scored 3 points, led the penguin to win the key victory Shea Weber Jersey. North American hockey professional league NHL conducted a major battle, the home of the Detroit Red Wings 2-5 miss the visiting Tampa Bay Lightning team, the lightning team Yani – Gould scored twice, Dan – Gera Di Er, Taylor – Johnson and Nikita – Kucourov scored a goal. Red Wings by Gustav – Nyquist and Justin – Abdelkader each scored a goal. The NHL regular season 2017-18 continues with the less-than-healthy Columbus Blue team serving Toronto and the two-game winning Maple Leaf. The results of the blue team in one case two goals behind the case, in the third quarter of the last five minutes even into the ball into the overtime plus overtime Colton Sissons Jersey, and complete the lore, 3-2 win over Maple Leaf, the end of the opponent’s winning streak.

This season he continues to be high shot

This season he continues to be high shot, while the return of injured Star as his group, also made changes to become the most on the court to find him one of the people Colton Sissons Jersey. So essentially, Kozlovov’s performance this season is an extension of last season Eric Nystrom Jersey, the only difference is that he did better this season, became a more dangerous player, he and good partner Stamork Sri Lanka Sri Lanka each play with each other’s strengths, but also when the opportunity to send their door, they never vague. The result is clear, lightning 42 wins and 30 losses the first 63 points league, Kucherlove temporarily listed the league scoring leader Mike Fisher Jersey, striker Wang, Stamox provisional scoreboard fourth. The team’s two-game winning streak is also the first since the team’s back-to-back streak on December 1 and 2 with the Saber at the bottom of the East. This means that the team has not tasted consecutive victory for nearly a month, followed by a victory after a painful defeat, or even a losing streak, the team’s morale hit a very serious. Now able to win in the direct competitors, and is in the face of losing 4 balls in the face of no collapse, determined to equalize the score and lore in overtime opponents, all this shows the team has no adverse toughness, but also ruled out the previous article Mentioned in the player’s concentration is not enough doubt Cody Franson Jersey.

In last week’s 4 games

In last week’s 4 games, Crosby harvested the league’s top seven assists and his eight-point scoring tied for the league, leading the team to three victories. He scored 1 assists in a 5-1 defeat of the Philadelphia Flyers on January 2; he subsequently failed to score in the January 4 team’s 0-4 defeat to the Carolina Hurricanes ; Then on January 5 the team finished 4-0 New York Islanders game P.K. Subban Jersey, he scored 1 goals 3 assists in his career the first 31 single 4 minutes, and finally on January 7 the team 6- 5 overtime beats the Boston Bruins game, he sent three assists. 30-year-old Crosby scored 28 assists and scored 15 goals in 44 games this season, scoring a total of 43 points, ranking second in the team, the league ranked 15th. The second quarter, the two sides fell into anxiety, the first 5 minutes, the blue team launched a wave of repression, the team’s two guard Zach – Wei Lorenzi and Seth Jones continuous shot Olli Jokinen Jersey, were Anderson resolve. The long-ranged blue team’s goal was broken in the 11th minute, the second group of pure Maple Leafs opened the game for the team, and they put pressure on the door in a row. Although the blue team prevented the first wave of attack, They failed to form a siege, the center Taylor – Pozhake hit the ball through the wall to the other side, the blue line near the back of Polk after the ball long-range, in front of James Van-Rims Dick relay midway The ball mat goal, 1-0. Behind the blue team continued to be passive, the first 15 minutes Josh – Anderson cut foul Miikka Salomaki Jersey, giving the Maple Leaf audience more than the first opportunity to play less, the team’s strong play group formation in the front to suppress the blue team Delay in the ball can not be the siege, their big pole in the blue line by the Maple Leafs guard Jason – Gardener interception Carter Hutton Jersey, he gave the ball to the right of William – Nyland, the latter slightly adjusted after the ball, hit a record Wonderful shake wrist shooting, Boblovski’s line of sight received in front of Maple Leaf veteran Patrick – Malo blocked, failed to make accurate predictions, 2-0, Maple Leaf to expand the lead.

Kutcherov has played at least four

Kutcherov has played at least four shots in 21 games this season Matt Irwin Jersey, with 14 goals scored last season, 30 shots last season at least 4 shots and 27 of them in Stark Moks suffered a knee injury, the season after the reimbursement. Yes, the combination of Ko?ehlov and Stamox was very strong at the start of last season, scoring 41 points (17 goals and 24 assists) in 16 games, during which Kohutloff averaged 2.68 shots per game Cody Hodgson Jersey, Contributed 8 goals. After the bad luck struck, Starry season reimbursement, Kozlovov also provoked the team’s burden alone in the next 58 games he scored a goal of 15.7% shooting a goal of 32 goals per game It is 3.5 times. The essence of these rules is to ensure that the goalkeeper’s ability to move freely within the goal area is not compromised by the offensive player Roman Josi Jersey. (a) if the offensive player enters the goal area, his behavior affects the goalkeeper’s defensive ability, which is considered void; (b) if the offensive player is pushed or congested by the defender, resulting in contact with the goalkeeper Contact is not an offensive player initiated, as long as the offensive player to make reasonable efforts to avoid contact, that does not apply these rules. However, the team still has many hidden dangers. Last year, glittering teenager Jin Ceer light no longer this season, now fell to 3 groups, play time has dropped to less than 15 minutes were played, with 23 points the efficiency value is miserable negative 14 Stefan Elliott Jersey. Groups 3, 4 still have no ability to score, and often in the field in the absolute passive situation, which led to a group of players have not been fully resumed have to re-play.